Property Development Divison Companies

  • Al Kifah Engineering Office

    Al Kifah Engineering Office is the pioneer of architecture. it offers its clients the strength and wide-ranging expertise of architects, interior designers, engineers, and urban planners. Over some years, we have been involved in some of the good large-scale project developments in KSA, as well as high profile projects across specific industry sectors.
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    ALMOTAWEROON Global was established in 2007, it’s certified for its outstanding quality and technology in the field of developing and marketing high-quality residential units, which take into account the designs and prices required by its customers at different levels. The diversity of ALMOTAWEROON Global products reflects high level of professionalism
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  • Al Kifah Real Estate

    Kifah Real Estate Company was established in 2007. The pillars of success for this company are based on providing high quality and value added services in real estate industry. The company’s customers are the main influence of its commitment, dedication and ability to meet their expectations which gained the company an excellent reputation among its competitors. 
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  • Al Kifah Agriculture

    Since the establishment of Al-Kifah Holding agriculture gained a special interest of the late Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq, and it has extended to his sons. With the new administrative and investment developments the company owns four large farms that grows palm trees, animals feed, fruits and vegetables as well as poultry and cattle..
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