Construction Solutions Divison

  • Al Kifah Readymix and Blocks

    Al Kifah Ready-mix and Blocks is considered one of the most important companies in Al Kifah group since its investments are estimated at more than one billion Saudi Riyals. The first building block of the company was Al Ahssa Ready-Mix Factory in Al Hasa city and it’s regarded as the first breakthrough of Al Kifah Ready-Mix & Blocks.
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  • Al Kifah Precast

    Al Kifah Precast Company was founded in 2009. It’s recognized for its high quality products and excellent services. Al Kifah Precast is one of the biggest factories of Precast in the Kingdom since it provides a complete precast package consisting of designing, manufacturing, transporting and erection of precast concrete units to suit any project. 
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  • Al Kifah Crushers

    Our company owns 5 Crushers in Al Ahsa, Riyadh, Jubail, Hael. All of them are equipped with the most distinguished, most modern and the latest equipment and facilities. Also, a professionally high standard administrative staff works for each one of those crushers. . 
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  • Al Kifah Transportation

    Al Kifah Transport was founded in 2007, Dammam Eastern province Saudi Arabia. It is part of Alkifah Building Materials Company which was established over 30 years ago on the hands of Sh. Hassan Alafaliq, god bless his soul. Al Kifah Transport is operated with top of the line trucks and flatbed trailers equipped for long haul operations 

  • KiCE

    For over a decade, KiCE has a special place in the Construction Equipment market, and a strong base of loyal customers inside the Kingdom and outside. KiCE obtained many ISO certificates which specialize in manufacturing and selling construction equipment. KiCe factory in Al Oyoon produces batching plant, transitmixer and mobile plant .
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