There are four major factors for concrete sustainability as follows:

1- Low CO2 emission materials / Technologies (LCEM/LCET).
Materials that their production or processing does not result in high emission of Carbon dioxide gas.
Technologies that their utilization results in either lowering carbon dioxide emission or recycling emitted CO2 into useful production instead of its emission into the atmosphere.

KRB Low carbon emission Materials/Technology focus area:

  • Innovative Green Natural pozzolan materials Comply with ASTM C618 Class N are being used in ConGreen with a carbon emission factor not exceeding 25 kg CO2/Ton Natural pozzolan compared with 750 kg CO2/Ton Cement.
    E.g. Kifah Crete, Durra volcanic ash
  • CarbonCapture technology-CarbonCure Canada Comply with ASTM C494 Type S is also utilized in production of ConGreen to produce concrete with very low carbon emission factor and to enhance the physical and chemical properties of concrete.

2- Recycled Aggregates.
Aggregates resulted from Wastes of other industries or recycled from returned concrete.
We use recycled aggregates that comply with ASTM C33 that are recycled from returned concrete or from steel manufacturing wastes which are characterized by very low absorption, very low impact factor and good gradiation, which enable producing ultra-high strength concrete with minimum cement factor.
E.g. Metal Slag aggregates, Silicomanganese Aggregates

3- Regional / In-house Materials.
Materials manufactured locally or manufactured in house. (I.e. not imported from external markets)

  • Alkifah crushers- A group member of Alkifah – in eastern and northern areas provide our batch plants with high quality limestone and Non-calcareous aggregates to meet all project requirements.
  • TFCA (Technical factory for concrete additives) – A group member of Alkifah – provides our batch plants with the most innovative admixtures based on the fifth generation of polycarboxylate ether polymers. In addition to other types of green admixtures as per the projects. All admixtures produced by TFCA comply with ASTM C494 requirements.

4- Waste Control.
Minimizing percentage of returned Concrete Using Reclaimers to recycle returned concrete Using new technologies for Concrete waste recycling.

  • Returned Concrete Control:
    Strict Quality Control procedures: The returned Concrete percentage not exceeding 0.1% of total monthly concrete production.
  • Smart reclaiming system (SRS):
    SRS is installed in many of our batch plants and utilizes the site wash down and yard water into a system that allows us to recycle the returned concrete into usable aggregate, sand and greywater. All materials can then be reused in fresh concrete.

R&D Division promoted research in the 4 directions of concrete sustainability as shown in the below graph:

Sustainability - Kifah Ready Mix & Blocks