A Concrete with a very low CO2 emission factor and high workability.

ConGreen Ingredients The use Compressive strength
SAIL CRETE ™ A special Type of Green Flow Concrete that characterized by self consolidating, high pumpability in addition to very low CO2 footprint. structures that need self consolidating concrete. e.g. bridge decks, tunnel linning, tubing segments or structures with high rebar concentration. 28 – 80 Mpa
LULU CRETE ™ An innovated generation of Green underwater Concrete that characterized by high cohesiveness and Rheology in underwater environment and high strength as well. underwater structures 20 – 50 Mpa
JALMOUD-CRETE ™ it is Green heavyweight concrete made by special type of heavy weight aggregates and Pozzolan materials in addition to using low CO2 emission technologies in its production. Radiation shield structures, counterweights and other applications where hugher density is desired 30 – 60 Mpa
QARA-CRETE ™ An innovated type of Green high performance shotcrete(Sprayed Concrete). curved structures (including shell roofs and domes and tunnel linings) and free-formed structures (such as swimming pools and climbing walls) and others 25-40 Mpa

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